KitKat Royal Milk Tea

Fri, Apr 2nd 2010 04:59 pm
Went to T&T yesterday to get something to drink after Japadogs, and at the cash counter, I saw this:

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KitKat in a box! Love the two guards at the bottom left.

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Back of the box.

Didn't know what it was, but knew I had to get it. So I did. After toting it around uselessly yesterday, finally got around to opening it today. There are two individual packages of KitKats inside the box.

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Typical Asian snack over-packaging.

The KitKats themselves look like white chocolate KitKats (if they ever made them -- for some reason I think they did but I can't remember). They smell completely different, though. They've got this interesting tea-like smell (really?!) that I find really pleasing. Consistency is about the same as white chocolate though, so it's probably just white chocolate with tea in the mix.

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They taste pretty much how they smell--like milk tea mixed with a bit of white chocolate. But it's amazing. The white chocolate is more subdued but the tea flavour isn't overpowering. It's a perfect mix and it was so tasty that I didn't even bother eating them the way I normally eat KitKats (nibble all the chocolate off and then eat a layer of wafer at a time). Needless to say, they were gone in just a couple of minutes.

Managed to stop myself from eating the other two bars. Will have to save those for later, until I can go back to T&T and buy more of these. Like, 5 boxes.

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