Japadogs Mini Review (Finally)

Fri, Apr 2nd 2010 04:25 pm
After all this talk of going, finally tried Japadogs yesterday. And this being Vancouver, it started raining once we got there.

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We went to the stand at Burrard St. and West Pender St., just a block from the Burrard SkyTrain station. It was right in front of the Scotiabank building, and thankfully it was still set up despite the weather.

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Kobe Beef sold out. =(

Sadly the Kobe Beef dog sold out, so we decided to get the Kurobata Terimayo and the Okonomi. I was tempted to try the Edamame for a while there, just because it looked fascinating, but I figured the "TOP Chef's Recommendation" was probably a better choice for a first time. While we waited for the dogs to cook, I took a look around the cart (while trying to avoid getting my phone wet while taking pictures -- hence the bad photo qualities).

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One of the signs propped up against the cart. Ice Cube!

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Guessing that these were the two people manning the stand for the day.

Finally, the dogs arrived!

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Kurobata Terimayo (L) and Okonomi (R).

The Kurobata Terimayo was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting mayo and teriyaki sauce to go together so well, but there was something about it that made the tangy and salty work. Very thankful they had the sleeves with the closed ends for the hot dogs because the sauce began to dribble out of the end of the dog after a while. The sausage was decent, though I haven't tried any other street dogs recently so can't really compare it to anything. I think my sausage was smaller than the other one. =(

The Okonomi was also good, but it was a bit overpowering with the mayo somehow. This may have been because I'd tried the Terimayo first and was used to the saltier taste mixed in with the mayo. The bonito flakes did add some salt to it, but the mayo flavour was still pretty strong. Adding a little bit of wasabi to the mayo would have made this one golden. I still enjoyed it anyway.

Kind of glad that we tried the dogs here instead of at the store front (which they said is supposed to open at the end of this month...). Eating them under cover of the Scotiabank building just made it all the better somehow.
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