Kushi Box Micro Review

Sun, Mar 28th 2010 09:55 pm
Today would have been the day I tried Japadogs for the first time. Or it was supposed to be. It didn't really pan out the way I'd hoped.

Arrived downtown at around 12:30 in the afternoon -- perfect time to go get some lunch. After walking a bit confusedly around the Stadium station area, managed to get to the store front of Japadogs, only to find that they're still not open, despite the site saying they'd be open by the end of March.

That wasn't so bad, considering there was also a place called Kushi Box a couple doors down. It's a small take-out place owned by the same people as Zakkushi (which I've done a mini-review of) -- basically a trimmed version of the full restaurant, and take-out only.

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The skewer sticks are in the clear plastic container to the right after we devoured them.

We shared the Spicy Tsukune Box, Combo B with two P-Toro skewers. Maybe I was just starving, but it was quite alright. A little bit salty from the soy sauce we poured on, but not bad otherwise. Since it's a take-out place, didn't expect it to be extravagant. The skewers were amazingly tasty though. So much, in fact, that I devoured mine before taking a picture.

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It was tastier than it looks.

After Kushi Box, we headed out to go searching for the Japadog cart on Burrard and Pender. And this being Vancouver, it started raining (sprinkling) along the way. Upon arrival at Burrard and Pender, we discovered that the cart actually isn't open on Sundays...which completely sucked. So we tried to go find the other one, but figured that it probably wouldn't be open either, and so began our search for another restaurant.

Along the way, we walked by Book-Off, a Japanese used book store. After another friend took me there once, it was almost unavoidable for me to walk in there. Managed to pick up a decent book as well, which I'm pretty happy about, despite it missing the DVD that it was originally supposed to come with.

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Still don't really know what the actual title is.
But I like the pretty pictures.

In the end, went to Aberdeen and ate at Chef Hung's (also did a mini-review of their Taiwanese beef noodle). I was craving the noodles for some reason, so at least I ate something I wanted to have. And despite all that, still didn't get to try the famed Japadogs. Will probably have to go back downtown on a weekday to try them. Or hope that the store front opens soon.
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