Diurnal Extremes

Mon, Sep 15th 2008 05:42 am
This is turning more and more into a "What I Hate About My Apartment" blog than anything. Not that I want it to. The apartment just has that many problems.

After coming home from the library yesterday, discovered that the apartment was still at a slightly-more-than-balmy 82 F. Knowing this crap-town, should have expected it, but by night, hurricane-esque winds started blowing through the open windows and scattered papers everywhere in my room. Really should have expected the temperature to drop like bricks a couple hours later, but alas, still haven't quite learned my lesson.

This morning, upon waking at 7:50 am, was slightly miffed to discover that it was 73 F without warning. Just cold enough to cause teeth-chattering.

Note to Waterloo: Quit it with the crazy temperature ups and downs. Srsly.
fm Sep 15th 2008
You should take pics.
kyung Sep 15th 2008
my room is a freakin sauna. i get the sun all day so i can't even sleep in properly... but i guess i'd much rather be hot than cold
Jenn Sep 17th 2008

Toronto is totally the same. I think it was sunday night? HURRICANE LIKE WINDS. Then cold as hell the next day
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