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Fri, Jan 29th 2010 07:28 pm
After reading a review on Chow Times, decided to try out Chef Hung's Taiwanese Beef Noodle Restaurant, located in Aberdeen Centre (which is starting to become one of my favourite malls, mostly due to the food court and Daiso) in Richmond. It was also a chance to finally take a ride on the new Canada Line SkyTrain for the first time. I found that the trains weren't as nice as the new trains on the Expo Line. Still nicer and cleaner than anything the TTC could dream of, though, but I guess that's a given.

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*Note: This will not be a thorough review since Chow Times did a much better job of that anyway. This is just describing my own dining experience here. =)

We were prepared to wait a while since we'd read that the lines are usually pretty crazy, but thankfully at around 1:30 pm when we arrived, there weren't that many people waiting in line, so it only took about 5-10 minutes for us to get a seat. Plus I was fascinated by this little doodad by the front of the store:

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The noodles/chopsticks part moves up and down! Keeps ADD people like me entertained for a few minutes. =) We were seated right beside the fake bamboo decorations in the middle of the restaurant, which I was quite happy about. Even if it's fake, it gives off a nice feeling. Some people may find it tacky, but done right, I don't find it all bad.

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Didn't take a long look at the menu since we'd both decided to get the same thing (Champion Beef Noodles). Instead of the waitress writing down orders, the customers fill out boxes on the menu instead. Sort of a waste of paper, but whatever works for them. The beef noodles came out very quickly - within 10 minutes for sure, but probably around 5 minutes. That was a good thing since we were both pretty hungry at that point.

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As mentioned in Chow Times, the noodles are hand-made in-store, and you can really taste the difference. They had a full flavour that you can't really get from dry noodles. The soup was good too, with just the right hint of spiciness (although I added some hot pepper flakes anyway). The beef was tender and cooked well, especially the beef strips that one person is in charge of searing on the outside with a torch (see Chow Times).

For both of us, the bill came out to about $21, which isn't too bad, but it's not the cheapest. Pho is about $6 per bowl so this place isn't the best for a bargain, but the soup was damn good. Had to stop myself from overeating at the end.

There are plenty of good places to eat in Aberdeen's food court as well, but Chef Hung's is definitely one place that shouldn't be overlooked. Don't see myself going all the time, but will definitely go here if I ever get a craving for TBN.

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Models of the TBN on display outside the restaurant.
My phone camera doesn't like backlit glass displays.
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