Taka's Sushi Mini Review

Wed, Jan 13th 2010 07:40 pm
Went to Taka's Sushi down by the beach today for a quick dinner. A friend insisted that they had the best toro ever, so of course I had to try it for myself.

Drove by the place at least 2 times (made a sort-of figure-eight around the place too) trying to find it. It's a very small place, and had I not been told about it, I definitely would not have known about it. Very glad we went, though.

The albacore toro was definitely very tasty. It didn't need any soy sauce since it had been seared lightly on top and dashed with some lemon juice and a hint of wasabi. Amazingly good. There were also seasonal specials, the names of which have left me completely, but they were also good. Sea bream might have been one of them.

The roll we got was called Canadian Sunset. It was quite tasty as well, but not necessarily anything to write home about. Salmon and avocado on the outside of the roll, some mayo-mix sauce on top, and tuna with cucumber inside. Somewhat typical fare, but considering I picked a random one off the list, it didn't disappoint.

We got one more each of the two special items and tried to get more albacore toro, but unfortunately they were all out. The chef gave us salmon toro instead, which was still quite good.

Inside the shop, there are about four seats by the sushi bar in front of the two chefs, and two very small raised tables cafe-style. It's not a good place for a lot of people since it is mainly a take-out restaurant, but for two or three, it's cozy. Both chefs were very friendly, although the waitress was a bit harder to get a hold of at times since she was in the back (assumedly preparing take-out orders). From the looks of it, a lot of the customers are regulars and the chefs know them quite well.

All in all, a quaint and cozy little shop, perfect for quick but good take-out. Very good quality, although the prices are typical (~$2.50 per piece of nigiri sushi). Next time I get a craving for sushi but can't find anybody, this is most likely where I will be going.
ryn Jan 13th 2010
I think your specials favourite was the white whatchamacallit. The sea bream was my favourite of the specials. But I might be wrong...

Glad you liked it though. =)
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