Sat, Sep 26th 2009 11:05 am
So, uh... Bought a new cell phone. The guilt immediately after was quite overwhelming, but I figure I have enough to buy one expensive toy per work term so... This time it was a phone.

My current Samsung SGH-E870 was bought in January, 2007, so it's almost 3 years old now. At the time, it cost around $360 including shipping from Hong Kong. Suppose that's not so bad, considering it's lasted me this long. Lately the battery has been dying quite badly, though. The max lifespan has decreased by at least half since I arrived in Ontario. Recently was informed that this may actually be due to the fact that there is no reception in my basement room and the phone exhausts itself by trying to find even a smidgen of a network connection. Either way, there are other things dying on it, such as the 3 key and the fact that the top flip screen wobbles and squeaks when I press buttons. And the general reception has always been sub-par. This could be just me being picky.

Will discuss the new phone once it arrives and can be fully tested. This one was much more expensive, but it does have a lot more features going for it, including Wifi and 3G. Hopefully that will help me justify its extravagant price tag...even if I did get it for quite a lot cheaper than the standard store price.

And it's super-shiny!
Mukul Sep 26th 2009
So which phone did you get? Or are you saving that for the later post?
limned Sep 27th 2009
I'll save that for when it gets here and I can put up pictures. =D
Justin Sep 28th 2009
A little indulgence never's when you eat that 5th slice of pie you get into trouble
limned Sep 29th 2009
Pie would be amazing right about now, actually...
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