Guu with Garlic Mini Review

Fri, Aug 21st 2009 12:31 am
To continue the trend of the constant Japanese restaurant hopping, today we went to Guu with Garlic, or otherwise known as the one on Robson St. Thankfully we'd made reservations yesterday, because the lineup accumulated very quickly.

Sat down and immediately discovered that it's quite loud. Not that the music was loud, or the diners, but the servers and chefs. Similar to Zakkushi, the entire staff greets the customers as they come in, but the servers also shout all the orders to the cooking staff in loud Japanese.

Also similarly to Zakkushi, Guu is something like a tapas place. There's a selection of different appetizer-type dishes that you can choose from. We got quite a few of them and shared everything. The beef carpaccio, tuna tataki, and okonomiyaki stood out most for me. Also good were the ebi mayo, the croquette, and the takoyaki. For dessert, we had the special pear cheesecake, which was quite good, although the cheesecake itself seemed suspiciously store-bought. Regardless, it was tasty.

Prices were pretty fair, if a little on the high end. Altogether, it came out to about $20 per person, for 5 people. Not too bad, although a little strange considering it's a bunch of smaller appetizer-sized dishes. Overall, quite an interesting experience. In the end, I think I preferred Zakkushi, though.
ryn Aug 21st 2009
Then again, Zakkushi was $30/person but that might be because we just ordered... a lot.

I was genuinely pretty full after Zakkushi whereas Guu... not so much. I went to McD's with April after.
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