Canada Line and Bakudans

Mon, Aug 17th 2009 11:14 pm
Today, as most Vancouverites are well aware, was the grand opening of the Canada Line of the Skytrain. For the more unaware, it now connects Richmond Centre and YVR airport to the rest of the Skytrain system, all in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. According to the site, it takes about 25-26 minutes to get from Richmond Centre/YVR airport to the Waterfront, which is quite impressive indeed. Then again, the part that actually takes people to the Waterfront isn't new.

There was purported to be a large selection of festivities to celebrate the grand opening. From the looks of it, it definitely looked like something to check out.

But alas, upon arrival, it was discovered that the lines were just too ridiculously long. We arrived at around 3:00pm, still during the (working) day. But the line went all the way outside, around a bit, and down the way. Shouldn't people be working at this time?

We didn't really consider standing in line for that long worth a couple free rides on the Skytrain, because let's face it, it's sure as heck not going anywhere. Not to mention, I was pressed for time with a dinner appointment at 5:00 pm.

After deciding to come back next week, we proceeded to go to Tenku, a small food stand in the middle of some parking lot. It was quite sketch, to be honest. They serve something called bakudanyaki, a fried...something or other purportedly from Japan.

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It looks like a baseball-sized takoyaki with extra filling to me. It was pretty good, but it wasn't outstanding. Mostly it's the novelty about it.

So we didn't get to go on the Canada Line for opening day (for free!), but I think the bakutanyaki was better than waiting in line in the sun for sitting on a Skytrain. That's just me, though.
Jenn Aug 18th 2009
Japs and their fascination concerning all things tentacle. yum.
Mei Aug 19th 2009
I was on Canada Line on Monday as well. Holy crap the lines were long.
limned Aug 19th 2009
I can't believe you waited in line for that... LOL.
ryn Aug 21st 2009
Damn. You could have used my phone if you wanted pictures that bad.
ryn Aug 21st 2009
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