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Wed, Sep 10th 2008 11:41 am
Administration has put in mirrors in the bathroom now. They copped out and bought what looks like 4 small mirrors arranged together. It may be because I am short, but it seems they also placed the mirror(s) quite high. Hopefully towel hangers and toilet paper roll holders will come soon.

At the time, there is still no Internet at the apartment. So far, leeching wireless from random labs or the library are the only alternatives, which, truth be told, aren't all that enticing. Sure, it's quiet and a big open space, but staying on campus until 7 or 8 at night are not top on my list. And here I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that until at least after midterms.

Found a moderately decent desk on the IKEA website. The only drawback is that it's $130 before tax and shipping. At least it looks like the set-up should be more or less simple. It is a shame, though, that IKEA doesn't have all their items available for purchasing online, even the smaller items. Maybe they think it's not worth taking the time to ship a lot of these. Who knows. It would be nice if they had a more extensive online shopping catalog, though, considering there are only 4 stores total in all of Ontario.
modi Sep 11th 2008
Ouch, that's lame. Should have gotten some of those smaller items over here since we have two just in the GVRD.

Silly IKEA. Ontario's not for kids.
limned Sep 11th 2008
There are about 3 in the GTA, but unfortunately, it's still very far from Waterloo.
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