Linus Update

Sat, Mar 28th 2009 05:46 pm
Shelter didn't email back for a while so sent one through their site's contact form. Apparently they were having technical difficulties and the forwarding wasn't working (lie). So got the application form, which turns out to be 4 pages of ridiculous questions, and found out the adoption costs $98. Honestly, I thought the range for adopting a small animal was usually $20-70, not $98. And yes, getting them fixed costs well over a hundred on their own, but... Come on.

So now I don't know. I'm kind of doubting I'll even 'pass' the screening process. Even if I did... Now I'm not so sure.

I need panel of judges who can give me a ruling. Who will volunteer?
Justin Mar 29th 2009
He's so cute! But it's true, he'll be alot of costs. Oh well you'll get by I'm sure. Get him! Nao!
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