Need Heat

Mon, Nov 10th 2008 11:44 am
The heater is busted. It just blows cold air everywhere. If we leave it on for a couple hours, it starts to make a really loud and high-pitched grinding noise. The repair guy apparently came to the building to fix some other people's heaters too but we didn't know about this so it might be a while before anything is done about it.

Meanwhile we sit here in the 66F apartment loaded under sweaters or blankets. If we didn't pay for electricity, I'd turn on the oven to heat up the place.

Update: Landlord came by in the late afternoon. Now the apartment is at a comfortable temperature. =)
fm Nov 14th 2008
Perhaps you have a light switch labeled with Red Star tape: "FURNACE: ON -- OFF"?
limned Nov 14th 2008
No, that switch is always on. If it's off, we'd know because it wouldn't even blow out cold air.
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