Wed, Oct 1st 2008 03:44 pm
Saw Weezer in concert yesterday at the ACC. It was, in a word, awesome.

Opening bands were Tokyo Police Club (never heard of them) and Angels and Airwaves (only heard their name before). Didn't see much of the Tokyo Police Club set, but the Angels and Airwaves set was...well, seizure-ific. Frankly can't even remember their songs because they were pretty generic in a way, but the lights they had going were over the top. It was to the point where migraines were setting in. That somehow passed without incident though.

Weezer opened with 'My Name is Jonas' and closed with 'Buddy Holly'. Pretty wicked. Apparently the Edge radio station had a contest or something a while ago and got 30 Weezer fans to bring in their own instruments to play on stage with the band. There was even an accordion player and a dude with something called a 'melodica'. Oh, and a cowbell. The entire group plus band played 'Island in the Sun', and then 'Beverly Hills'. The cowbell got a solo in 'Beverly Hills'. They also had an Oasis cover, and a Nirvana cover. The guy from Angels and Airwaves even did a duet with the band for 'Undone (Sweater Song)'.

In the middle and during the opening bands, ten people in the row in front of us lit up a doobie and passed it back and forth and the smoke all somehow wafted directly to us. A couple rows in front of that, they lit up too. It was getting to the point where I felt a little weird at the end. Is it even possible to hot-box in an open area? At least one of the ACC attendants came and told the row in front of us to put out the joint.
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