Rock With RIM

Thu, Sep 25th 2008 06:46 pm
RIM held a free concert today ("Rock With RIM") for UW students at Fed Hall. Up until today the band was a 'secret band'. Turns out it was Hedley. Not bad at all, for a free concert. Then again, considering it's RIM, it's probably no big feat for them. After all, last year apparently they flew in Van Halen for a free employees-only concert.

To be honest, haven't heard much of Hedley besides 'Trip'. They're not all bad. Kinda like the style. The lead singer is pretty good. Roommate tells me he was on Canadian Idol, which would explain a lot. They were quite into it, but it was a little bad since the crowd didn't really respond. At one point he even said, "Wow, must be a dry show." Most of the people were engineers though, which would explain a lot. Heh.

Got two free T-shirts and some ice cream too. Killer ice cream bar. It was so creamy and good. Oh, and glow sticks.
modi Oct 9th 2008
Isn't RIM like... dying now?
limned Oct 16th 2008
Why would RIM be dying? As far as I know they're still doing pretty well...and by pretty well I mean billions well.
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