Enter Desk (and Couch)

Tue, Sep 23rd 2008 01:21 pm
IKEA finally delivered the desk today! Pretty nice stuff. A complete pain in the ass trying to keep it together while putting in the supports, though (roommate had to help some with holding it upright). Got it put together without any injuries. Chemistry and Semiconductors textbooks came in quite handy as hammers. May have dented them a little, but it doesn't really matter. Probably can't even sell them now anyway.

Other roommates bought a couch off craigslist for $150. It's an L-shape with pull-out mattress and it's pretty big, but frankly, the entire thing is in such bad condition that the price is questionable. It's falling apart all over the place. Not to mention three of us started sneezing like crazy as soon as they brought it into the place.

On top of that, ever since the couch entered the premises, hordes of flies have invaded in an attempted hostile takeover. At one point there were no less than 10 sitting on the fluorescent lighting in the common area. Earlier in the day, there were 13 in the window. We tried to trap them in there, but the crafty buggers got out somehow. Roommate managed to crowd-control with one of the cardboard packing panels from the box that the desk came in. There were about 7 casualties, but the opposing forces remain strong. Require emergency Raid or other repellent.

At least we have heating and A/C now.
Eric Sep 24th 2008
Lol my engineering books are propping up a bed at the moment. And hilariously, they're of more use to me now then they ever were before.
fm Sep 24th 2008
I still haven't returned the drawers you made me buy from IKEA.
limned Sep 24th 2008
LOL @ Eric. It's true, though, some of them were completely useless. I almost sold my Chem but the guy froshed out on me ("Oh, the prof said that we should use the newest version so I'm going to get a new version."). Linear Algebra is molding 'cause the basement at the place I stayed in summer flooded. Pretty nasty.
Jenn Sep 25th 2008
150 I would say is overpaying for a used couch that is in shit condition. I just hope that thing is comfy atleast
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