Console, Once More

Mon, Sep 22nd 2008 08:04 pm
Took a day trip to Fairview on Saturday with roommate. Made a quick trip through the EB there, as I usually do whenever I get the chance. Was mildly surprised that there are still a whole lot of games being made for PS2, despite it being 'so totally last generation.' Pretty sure production hasn't hit 0 for PS2 games, but wasn't expecting the numbers to be that high.

Regardless, still thinking about investing in a PS2!Skinny. My PS2!Fatty is still at a friend's house back in BC, as are most of my games. Maybe I should just ditch the old one and get the thinner one. Don't think I'd play it all too much, but still decent. Could use it as a DVD player, if all else fails. Or an expensive paperweight.

Just checked on Best Buy. Looks like it's about the same price as a DS. I could live with that.
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