Wired (at last)

Thu, Sep 18th 2008 12:43 pm
Bell guy finally came today! We have Internet!

There was apparently a misunderstanding somewhere along the line between us, Acanac, and Bell, so instead of coming yesterday, the guy was set to come today. One day off isn't that big of a difference, but it's enough to get us some money back, I guess.

Just got home so haven't put the 'Net through its paces yet, but probably more decent than regular Bell, at any rate.

Went to the Bomber with roommates yesterday (second night in a row). Had my first taste of tequila. Surprisingly it didn't burn as much as I thought (and heard) it would. Not bad at all. Whiskey Sour and Amaretto Sour are also very good stuff. Don't think the whole club-type thing is my cuppa tea. Interesting experience though. For the curious, no, I did not dance. I don't dance.
kyung Sep 18th 2008
psh~~ no dancing?!? next time you should totally do some of the 무용 techniques we did back in korean school.
limned Sep 19th 2008
LOL @ 무용. Good times. Kinda. Not really. I got dizzy a lot...haha.
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