Bourbon Choco Coffee Biscuits

Mon, Jun 28th 2010 05:53 pm
While picking up some typical Korean snacks at the small convenience store by campus, came across this little-known Japanese snack, tucked in between the boxes of Choco Heim and French Pie:

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Anybody who knows me will attest to the fact that I am not one strong enough to pass up something that says "Choco & Coffee". Aside from that, to date, I don't know if there has been a Japanese snack that disappointed me, so expectations were fairly high.

After opening the box packaging, true to Japanese snack tradition, there was also a plastic packaging around the actual biscuits. Well, considerably less packaging than some other things I've tried, so it's not all bad. After opening it from one end, noticed that the biscuits were actually quite a bit thinner than expected. I was expecting something like a butter tart thickness or something, but that's probably too much for such a small package.

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Despite that, pulled out a couple to see if they were alternating coffee and choco, like on the box. But the next two were the same light-brown colour. Figured that the other ones would be at the other end (unfortunately), so I opened it from the other end, risking the biscuits going soft sooner from more air exposure. Sure enough, the chocolate ones were on the other end.

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The biscuits themselves are pretty generic, not too sweet and not really significant. Fairly crumbly though, as can be seen from the crumbs in the picture... But the coffee-flavoured creme inside was simply amazing. It's like they took coffee Haagen-Dazs, turned it into a solid creme at room temperature, and slathered it on a biscuit.

On the other hand, the chocolate biscuit was a little underwhelming. The chocolate is a little bit darker than milk chocolate, but not purely dark chocolate either. Still good, but not as fantastic as the coffee ones.

Not particularly sure if I'd get these Choco & Coffee Biscuits again, considering half of them were only 'okay'. Probably better to just get a pint of coffee Haagen-Dazs if I want that coffee goodness.
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