Lime Cheesecupcakes

Sun, May 23rd 2010 11:19 pm
There are a lot of restaurant mini-reviews that I have yet to put up. Really need to pick things up a bit here. =(

But in the meantime!

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It's not actually wet - just some condensation while it was in the fridge.

Decided to make cheesecupcakes. Most of the recipes I looked up required either sour cream or heavy cream on top of the cream cheese, which I think is excessive. Finally found one on Epicurious that didn't need either of those. We also happened to have plenty of limes thanks to a friend who brought them one time when he wanted to make mojitos, so I went for this Key Lime Cheesecake recipe.

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Baking time and temperature were adjusted enough to make up for the fact that the cake is in cupcake form and not a giant pan form. They turned out delicious regardless. But we learned to keep me away from making bacon or soup-filled dumplings...because apparently I suck at making those. But I can bake...? I guess.

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Stupid condensation, ruining my shot.
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