The Easter Candy Egg Test

Thu, Apr 8th 2010 06:05 pm
It's way after Easter, but I don't care because the candy is cheaper this way.

The Much-Anticipated (not really) Easter Candy Egg Test! After seeing Hershey's brand candy eggs in stores a few times, decided that it would make for an interesting comparison test. So took a trip to the nearby Walmart to buy some discounted candy on Monday (but they weren't really discounted), and picked up a small bag of Hershey's Eggies, Cadbury Mini Eggs, and just for the hell of it, Cadbury Mini Eggs All-Year edition. Didn't really think that the two Cadbury's would be any different since they're just different packaging, but one can never know for sure until it's been tested.

After stopping by Superstore a few days ago, also decided to grab some bulk no-name candy eggs and some Cadbury Micro Eggs (altogether 74 cents!) also for the hell of it.

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The roster.

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The starting lineup.
From left: Cadbury Micro, Cadbury Mini Easter, Cadbury Mini All-Year, M&M, Hershey's, no-name.

Hershey's Eggies/bulk no-name egg

It wasn't hard to determine that the bulk brand eggs are actually just the Hershey's Eggies, or at least something very similar to them. Essentially they were the same to me though, so I'll categorize them together for the sake of simplicity.

The shell has a slightly rougher texture with more crevices, though not noticeable unless viewed up close. Up close, it kind of looks like the moon's surface though. Tasty. The matte shell didn't leave too much of a residue-y feel on the fingers after handling. These eggs also didn't have as strong a scent from the outside. The shell isn't so much brittle but a little on the soft side, and has less of a noticeable flavour. It doesn't crumble as easily when biting off a part of the egg. On the inside, the chocolate is smooth and has a decent flavour that's not overpowering or overpowered by the shell.

The Verdict:
Overall, decent egg. Even the no-name brand. Maybe should have bought more of those for $0.44/lb.

M&M Speck-tacular Eggs

These were the obvious exceptions to the mostly-similar line-up, but I figured they deserved a chance too, considering I used to buy packs of M&M Regulars and just eat them by the handful.

The biggest difference other than the size is obviously the shell. It's smooth and shiny, unlike the rest, and has a nice speckled pattern (Speck-tacular, geddit?). There's also a much stronger flavour to the shell, and it's double-layered with the coloured part of the shell and a second inner layer of plain white shell. The thicker shell makes it a bit tougher to chomp on, but it doesn't crumble and the size makes it easier. The chocolate inside is much harder too, and not as smooth--more chunky. Tasted different from M&M Regulars too -- not as rich in flavour.

The Verdict:
Not as good as M&M Regulars, to be frank. Probably wouldn't pick them up even if they were the only eggs around, too.

Cadbury Mini Eggs, Easter and All-Year

The only eggs I ever ate until this test. Tried not to go into this experiment with a bias though.

These are smaller than the Hershey's, but the shells are similar. Cadbury's eggs have a slightly smoother outer shell, but they also leave a slight residue after touching. They also seem to fingerprint easier, which is weird considering they're not shiny. But I don't care about that when I'm about to eat it. The shell was a bit sweeter than the Hershey's, though, and had a more noticeable scent. They fractured after biting the end off and a large chunk of the shell fell off the chocolate after putting down the uneaten half. Inside, the chocolate is noticeably sweeter too. The texture is very smooth though and doesn't feel chunky like the M&M. Mixed with the shell, though, it has a bit of an overpowering sweetness overall, which undoubtedly would probably make me get sick of them faster.

And there really was no difference between the Easter version and All-Year except the packaging, which, incidentally, also comes in different weights (Easter is 39g, All-Year is 32g).

The Verdict:
Even though these were the kinds that I always used to eat, I find that the sweetness really is a bit overwhelming. I have a notorious sweet tooth, but even then, too much of the Cadbury's would get sickening pretty fast.

But even so, I'd probably go for these when I go looking for candy eggs just because they're what I'm used to and I'm not one much for change. Anyway I wouldn't eat too many of them all at once so it's not a big deal.

Cadbury Micro Eggs

The 'bonus' test subjects. They're still slightly different from the actual Mini Eggs though, so they also get a review.

The shells have more flavour in them than the Mini Eggs. It could also be because the eggs are smaller so the flavour seems more concentrated, though. The shell is also much more brittle, which also could be attributed to the smaller size. I'd imagine they're the same mixture for the shell and chocolate, just different molds. The chocolate is also sweet, similar to the Mini Egg. That's pretty much the same.

The Verdict:
One time I bought a big bag of these and ate them. A lot. They're still good though, and somehow I actually don't get sick of them as fast as the regular sized eggs. For some reason though, I think this bag of Micros are slightly bigger than the one I bought before... Either that, or I'm thinking of M&M Minis.

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Om nom nom.
Off-topic: need one of those mini macro-photo studio setups.

The Results

If I had to rank them, it'd probably go something like this:
  1. Hershey's Eggies

  2. Cadbury Micro Eggs

  3. Cadbury Mini Eggs

  4. M&M Speck-tacular Eggs

Again, despite the rankings, probably would go buy Mini Eggs next time, just because I grew up with them and they're what I'm used to. It's just too bad they made them available all year now because it gives it less of a 'special-ness'. Probably won't be complaining about that as much in September or something when I get a sudden craving for them.
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