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Mon, Sep 15th 2008 12:17 pm
Recently began to notice that Timmy Ho's is starting to add 'New!' labels to a bunch of very old items. On closer inspection, discovered that the labels actually say 'New! European-Style'. Maybe it's just me, but they all look the same, regardless of whether they are European-style or not. The croissants are just croissants, the danishes are just danishes, and the cookies are just...well, cookies. How do you make cookies European-style? Apparently I am missing a vital ingredient here.

Got a Maple-Pecan danish to test. Same sweet taste, same crumbly texture, same jelly stuff inside... I may not have the most advanced taste buds but I highly doubt these supposedly intercontinental pastries are actually flown in from France or something.
ryn Sep 16th 2008
Well you know how I have a thing against Tim's.

Then again, it's not really a thing against it. I just prefer Starbucks instead. =)

Speaking of which, do you think I should go back?
limned Sep 17th 2008
If you enjoyed the people and the job, you might as well. If you think you could do better in another job, then try to get that instead. You don't really seem like you're necessarily strapped for cash (like me) so I don't think you'd go just to make a few extra bucks... Of course, you could always go to get me free drinks burn time.
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